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TAPA is an independent practice and provides assistance to businesses experiencing problems with Sponsorship Advertising Sales Calls and Sponsorship Advertising Contractual Disputes

The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 is a UK law that states all organisations including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties do not make sales or marketing calls to telephone numbers unless they have the owner's consent to do so. Under this regulation, if a telephone number is registered on to the official central opt out register, it is a legal requirement that organisations do not call these numbers. Organisations found in breach of the regulations face prosecution and enforcement action being taken against them. This action may be in the form of an enforcement notice, regulatory investigation, fine, civil damages action or criminal sanctions being imposed on company directors.

TAPA provides representation, advice and legal assistance to UK businesses that are being targeted by unlicensed support publishing firms (also known as 'charity advertising firms') that coerce the selling of advertising space through unsolicited sales telephone calls for purported sponsorship publications on behalf of charities, the emergency services, schools and other community themed publications. We stop unsolicited charity advertising sales telephone calls being made to businesses that do not wish to receive these types of sales calls from support publishing firms. TAPA is the only practice in the UK that provides this type of service to businesses. This service is a much needed and vital role in the market place. The need for this service is clearly evident.

TAPA monitors the trading practices and the number of complaints being reported to us against support publishing firms from our clients. When the number of complaints received against a support publishing firm achieve a level of concern in the interest of public safety, our practice presents a report to Company Investigations, Trading Standards or the Police where necessary in order to achieve an official investigation in to the trading and accounting practices of such firms. Investigations that are actioned against support publishing firms usually result in these firms being wound up in the High Court.

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Charity advertising scams are one of the biggest and most constant threats to UK businesses. This type of scam on businesses has been continuing for over 20 years and is an even bigger threat to businesses today than ever before. The number of charity advertising firms is growing at an alarming rate. Our practice has currently received complaints against more than 500 different firms. Many of these firms contact businesses by telephone falsely claiming to be working on behalf of a charity, school or department of the emergency services. They offer businesses the opportunity to sponsor an advertisement in a publication they claim to be publishing on behalf of a legitimate worthy cause or public service, claiming that the money they turnover will be passed on to the worthy cause, school or department of the emergency services.

Usually, these approaches are false. In many cases, the publications do not exist and are never published and none or very little of the money these firms receive are ever passed on to worthy causes. If the publications are produced, they are usually unofficial, poorly compiled and only distributed to the advertisers contained in there, offering very little commercial benefit to advertisers. More often than not, businesses are hoodwinked in to believing they promised to sponsor a charitable publication months earlier in a previous conversation. In truth, these conversations usually never took place. If businesses refuse to pay these firms they will then usually find themselves on the receiving end of multiple threats of court action, visits from bailiff’s, unlawful account charges and threats to their credit ratings. Many businesses have been ruined as a result of these scams and many have had their credit cards unlawfully debited for thousands of pounds or been confronted at their premises by unlicensed debt collectors.

Small businesses are the main targets for charity advert scams and they are not always in a financial position to subsidise expensive solicitor’s fees to defend themselves. Since the introduction of our practice in 2007, we have sent shockwaves throughout the sponsorship advertising industry. The industry has had to completely restructure itself because of our flawless solution strategy in stopping these calls to businesses and after 5 years of practicing, support publishing firms have not been able to prevent the 100% affective blue print of our practice model that permanently ends these problems for businesses and helps them to recover money that has been scammed from them even if the perpetrators are no longer trading.

TAPA is the only practice in the UK that can offer businesses a 100% guarantee of a permanent cessation to these types of problems and further guarantee that once instructed, our clients will not have to pay any further money to support publishing firms even if they are in receipt of existing multiple outstanding payment demands at the time of instruction. If you think you have been mislead or scammed by a charity advertising firm(s) and would like to put a stop to these problems today, please contact us now on 0843 289 6037. You will be immediately provided with a free counselling service and a case manager. Free counselling will still be provided to you even if you do not wish to instruct our practice to represent you. Please browse the link ‘The TAPA Opt Out Scheme’ that you will find in the top left hand section of this page for further details and a full breakdown of what our practice can do for your business.

TAPA has been instructed to represent over 3,000 businesses to date.






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TAPA is an independent practice and is not a government organisation. Please browse the links below for terms and conditions.

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