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TAPA is an independent practice and provides assistance to businesses experiencing problems with Sponsorship Advertising Sales Calls and Sponsorship Advertising Contractual Disputes

TAPA provides advice, representation and legal assistance to English and Welsh businesses that are being targeted by support publishing firms (also known as ‘charity advertising firms’) that coerce the selling of advertising space through unsolicited sales telephone calls for purported sponsorship publications on behalf of alleged charities, the Police, the emergency services, schools and other community themed publications. TAPA prevents unsolicited charity advertising sales telephone calls being made to businesses that do not wish to receive these types of sales calls from charity support publishing firms.

TAPA monitors the trading practices and the number of complaints being reported to us against support publishing firms from businesses. When the number of complaints received against a support publishing firm achieve a level of concern in the interest of public safety, our practice presents a report to Company Investigations, Trading Standards or the Police where necessary in order to achieve an official investigation in to the trading and accounting practices of such firms. Investigations that are actioned against support publishing firms usually result in these firms being wound up in the High Court.