Please find below some feedback from businesses that have instructed TAPA to represent them.


“I would like to say a big thank you to TAPA. The reason being is because an advertising firm mislead my wife in to paying for advertising space over the phone by debit card. They took over £460 out of the account. I then registered with TAPA to prevent the phone calls and I wouldn’t have been able to have regained the payment back without TAPA’s help and advice. I would encourage any business to register if they have had the same problems because TAPA’s help is invaluable.”
Larry Western, Bluechip Electrics & Alarms, Gillingham


“The service has worked well. We’ve not had anybody else try and scam us since we joined and if we did, everybody in the office is aware of what to say and do so, yeah, thanks. It’s worked well.”
Joanna Powles, Norvic Training Associates (UK) Ltd, Norwich


“I’ve not been receiving any calls and all and certainly nothing through the post. I did have one call through from the company that conned me originally but i told them i was TAPA registered and put the phone down and never heard from them again so it’s worked brilliantly. I did call a pet shop that was already registered with you when i first spoke to you because he was in my area. I asked if he was happy with TAPA. He said he was and put the phone down. Maybe he thought i was a crook? So, i joined and it’s worked for me and i’m happy.”
Gillian Woolcock, Woolcock Typing Services, Beckenham


“Everything’s fine now. Yeah, there was a few problems to start with, a few calls and letters coming through but i obviously told you and it’s gone now. Come to think of it, i did have one letter through about a month ago from European City Guides but nothing further since.”
Gavin Morrison, Coldcarr Recycling Ltd, Ashbourne


“Like you said, the calls have stopped. I mean, i was getting dozens of calls, sometimes every day. There was an immediate drop off and you do notice it straight away. I mean, i get the odd witheld number call but if i’m busy i don’t answer so i don’t know who it is, but yeah, it’s working for me.”
Norman Edmondson, EDS Edmondsons Driving School, Liversedge


“It’s been fine since i joined. I think i’ve had one or two calls but nothing more, so yeah, i’m happy thank you.”
Elizabeth Muir, Kiddi Winkles, Orkney


“I was going to just give it all up and stop but since i joined it’s been wonderful, really good and quiet so i’m really glad i signed up.”
Georgina Maria Ford, Holly Valley Art Studio, Crediton


“The service has been working great. It’s probably been two, maybe two and a half months since i’ve had any calls other than one today but i had forgotton all about it all! I must admit when i first saw your website i honestly didnt believe you were genuine but after speaking to businesses that are in my area that are registered with you, they all had nothing but good things to say! I joined and i’m glad i did!”
Sally Firth, The Oxford Home Service, Boars Hill


“We havent received anything else since registering other than one invoice through the post, so i’m really happy with everything, so thanks very much.”
Paul Toman, P Toman & Co, Belfast


“I’m very satisfied with what’s happened. The service has worked very well. I’ve had four incidents since joining six months ago, three of which i made you aware of and did not hear from them again and an invoice somebody sent me which is on my desk to be sent to you which i’ve no doubt you will also deal with. It’s excellent value for money and well worth it.”
Ian Miller, Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton


“It’s taken a weight off my mind. It just gives me peace of mind knowing that if i do have any problems that your there at the end of the phone. It’s stopped the calls, so yeah it’s good.”
Susan Howells, Kenilworth Autobodies Ltd, Kenilworth


“Everything’s been great. The one thing I would say is that when the phone rings it’s great knowing it’s going to be a work call. I think Margaret in the office has had one, maybe two calls in six months, but as she’s said we’re registered with TAPA, they put the phone down before she could finish so it’s great and it’s a great confidence boost to know if there was a problem, it’s you guys that deal with it and not me so it’s great.”
Kenneth Johnston, Renfrew Glass & Glazing, Renfrew


“I’m more than happy. It’s taken a load off my mind. I’m extremely happy with the way it’s worked. The calls have completely gone, not had any for a long time now. There was the odd couple in the early days but now, well – nothing, so I’m over the moon. Extremely pleased. Thank you.”
Philip Hackett, Stourbridge Royal British Legion Club Ltd, Stourbridge


“The calls have stopped. There was one company that didn’t give up so easily and did send letters but I took your advice on what to do. Apart from that it’s worked fantastically.”
Rebecca Traynor, Jacks Fish And Chips, Fareham


“It’s stopped the calls coming through. There has been a few invoices sent but I have sent them to TAPA and nothing further has happened. On the odd occasion I have had a call, I have told them I’m registered with TAPA and they have disappeared and not come back which is refreshing so yeah, it’s working fine.”
Patrick Convery, CBK Landscapes, Randalstown


“Before TAPA got in contact, the calls from advertising services were that bad I was almost scared to answer the phone. TAPA has given me the confidence back to answer the phone but the four or five calls a day is no more. I have had a few calls here and there but it’s been marvellous. Although when I had the first contact with TAPA I was sceptical. It’s worked extremely well. I feel better for joining.”
Elena Cromie, Elevation Hair Design, Comber


“We have had no calls since joining. I will be changing my company name in April and will be registering that with TAPA. I’m not sure how you do it but I’ve had no problems at all and don’t ever want them again so I will be registered for good! Everything’s absolutely perfect.”
Tom Reilly, RNR Property Services Ltd, Harborne


“Everything was fantastic but i did for some reason receive several calls in a two week period. It was the first calls for months. I’m not sure what you did but as soon as I reported it they stopped and I’ve heard nothing since so I’m over the moon.”
Justine Ireland, Equine Intelligence / Equine Services, Ryde


“I’ve really had no bother from all the companies but one who have called two or three times and sent a few letters, so it’s been great.”
Geoff Dove, Loveydovey Memories, Abergavenny


“It has definitely worked for us. It’s almost completely stopped the calls barring the odd one here and there but we just say we’re registered and usually they hang up before we can.”
Molly Martin, Martin Contracting Services, Ballyclare


“I’ve only had one call around several weeks ago that sounded as if it was one of those people so I told the person I am registered with TAPA and put the phone down, so there is of course a very noticeable difference. The service does exactly what it says on the tin!”
Richard Hunt, Dick Hunt Racing, Addlestone


“Well basically, the calls have stopped. It’s freed up an awful lot of time as I used to get bogged down with calls and it was so stressful having to keep taking the time out to answer the phone, but it’s all gone now so I’m really thankful and you provide such a great service and I appreciate all the time you have given me and the great work you’ve done.”
John Paul O’Malley, Southport Heating And Plumbing, Southport


“I had one call a few weeks ago but nothing else. So, it’s certainly worked for me. Even all those companies calling me, telling me I owed them money stopped calling, so it’s definitely worked for me!”
Barry Corney, B C Security, Sandhurst


“Well I’ve had no calls. This time last year all I was getting was calls from people claiming I owed money or that I had said I would do something, but I’m not this year. Well, not since I joined.”
Arlene Ball, Westpoint Hotel, Blackpool


“We have not received any unwanted calls. It’s been beautifully peaceful. It’s been absolutely fantastic. It’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve had any calls.”
Susan Bevan, PSH Contracts, Hall Green


“I’ve had the odd call but I’m so impressed with the service and how quickly it worked. I’m amazed! I’m actually really enjoying the fact I’m not getting the calls. I’m really, really impressed. Thanks.”
Daniel Guidone, Daniel Antony Limited, Northampton


“Well, the service seems to be working. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had any calls. Well, since I joined really, so it’s going good so far.”
W R Sutherland, Dr. W R Sutherland, Saunderton


“I’ve not had any calls apart from a guy about a website but I told him I am a TAPA client and he soon went, but certainly nothing else.”
Janet Fleming, Fairview Boarding Kennels, Sherburn-In-Elmet


“I have had nothing. Not a call at all. Nothing in the post! It’s quite strange as I used to expect to see at least one invoice a week but again, nothing at all, so it’s great!”
Michael Austin, Manderlay Guest House, Skegness


“Well before I joined, for a long time, I’d been receiving calls from advertising companies which prompted me to join and I’ve had none since. The only calls I have had are from a company about credit cards! But none for advertising, so it’s working for me.”
Mark Ward, Drawbridge Security, Wishaw


“It’s been fantastic! No calls from advertising companies for the past 2-3 months. Well – since I joined really. It makes a massive difference. I’m just glad that you stopped the calls.”
Paul Simms, Link Communications, Great Barr


“The service has worked. I no longer get the usual 12-13 calls a day and had to keep saying no, no, no all the time. No unexpected invoices or demands for payment have been received.”
Lynne R Neville, Fox & Flowerpot, Woking


“I’m not getting any calls or demands through the post anymore and haven’t done since joining so as far as I’m concerned it’s working great. I was worried it could be another scam to start with but you’ve really proved I’ve made the right decision!”
Graeme Mackenzie, Carpenter & Joiner, Holm Mains


“I’m happy the way things are going. As the years’ progressed I’ve realised the problems’ gone. There were a few calls at the start but now I’m very happy as it seems to be working.”
Gillian Cocker, Solo Taxis, Newport


“I’m very satisfied with the service so far. I haven’t had any nuisance calls or letters since joining so I’m really happy. You can jiggle my words or add what you want to my testimonial! I’m that happy with the service!”
Angela Jones, Bluehayes Cattery, Exeter


“Some of the companies’ seem to have blinkers on to start with and I’ve had the odd call come through but when told we are registered we’ve not heard back so it’s worked for us.”
Colin Goldup, Colin’s 24hr Recovery Service, Canterbury


“I’ve just had a call and that’s the only one I’ve had in 2-3 months so it’s been a massive help.”
J G Watling, Amp Two Electrical, Slough


“So far so good. In that respect I’m happy. I had a couple of calls which I reported immediately and I’ve heard nothing since.”
Nigel Billingsley, NBS, Ingestre


“I’m very satisfied. When you first sent the papers i passed it to my solicitor and he said I should join so I did and I’m glad I did as all of the demands for payment have stopped and any unwanted calls so I’m definitely happy.”
Brian Jeanes, Haddons Farm Camping & Caravan Site, Wimborne


“I’m really pleased with the service. I had the one call recently which I reported straight away and TAPA have made sure they don’t call again, so yeah I’m really happy.”
Jenny Nutley, Easy Vehicle Solutions, Swindon


“I’ve not really had calls. As soon as I mention TAPA they are gone. I actually passed TAPA’s details to somebody this morning and I think he’s been in touch. I also have received a call from my card company and have got some money back so I’m extremely happy and anybody else I know with or without the problems will be sent to TAPA as it’s such a good service.”
John Budd, Bu Mar Skip Hire Ltd, Redruth


“It’s worked for us definitely. We used to get calls all the time and all though we’ve had the odd call, we’ve told them we are registered and had no further calls, so yeah, it’s worked brilliantly for us. I’m very pleased with the service overall and would certainly recommend it to others with the problem.”
John Bridges, The Fox & Hounds, Wroughton


“Everything’s going fine. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone because I was having a nightmare and then TAPA got in touch and almost immediately, suddenly my calls were gone, so I highly recommend TAPA. Fantastic service. Thank you so much.”
J. H. Miles, J. Miles Electrical Contractor, Cranleigh


“I haven’t had any calls at all since I’ve registered. The only thing I’ve had is an invoice from a company I’ve never heard of. It’s obviously working great so yeah, no problems.”
Lindsay Denham, Pickering Hall Kennels, Queensbury


“I’ve had one or two brief calls but as soon as I’ve mentioned TAPA they were gone. It was a case of I was getting three or four calls a week and since joining in March I’ve had maybe two or three calls. Of course I was sceptical when TAPA first got in touch but that’s certainly passed and gone now. I can actually sleep easy at night, so I am very grateful.”
Stephen Kirby, S. R. Kirby Handyman Services, Walcot


“All the calls that I used to get have disappeared, bar the odd one or two. The service is fantastic. I’m really, really pleased that all the calls have gone.”
John Brierley, Snowdrop Travel Services, Dagenham


“I’ve only had the one call from something to do with children. Obviously it’s a god send because previously it was every week I was receiving calls so it is definitely a god send to only get the one call since registration. It’s really good.”
K. M. Leigh, Village Cabs Wadhurst, East Sussex


“We’ve had no advertising calls whatsoever. It’s worked wonders. The only calls we do get are from telephone service providers now. We have absolutely no problems anymore regarding advertising.”
Brian Whitham, B.D. Whitham Upholstery, Skipton


“A lot of nuisance calls have stopped and I’m generally very happy with the service.”
Samantha Hargreaves, Calthorpe Tyres Ltd, Birmingham


“Everybody’s very kind and very helpful. Everything has been handled very well. No problems whatsoever.”
David Hipshaw, Hipshaw School Of Dance, Southport


“Joining TAPA is very highly recommended.”
Paul Lyons, Paul’s Pump’s, Hastings


“Good service. I’ve not had any problems with nuisance calls since joining TAPA. I’m happy with the service at the moment.”
C. Smith, Clifford Sells Ltd, Bedford


“The calls have gone right down since joining. I’m quite content with the service.”
D. Wheeler, Alton Clock Shop, Hampshire


“It has worked. The advice has done the trick. Nuisance calls have stopped since we’ve taken on TAPA.”
Steven Holland, Ace Alarms And Security Systems, West Sussex


“I’m so pleased with everything. All phone calls have stopped. Fantastic! Never regretted it.”
Linda Page, Down – A – Size, Folkestone


“You are doing a brilliant job. The service is excellent. Top quality.”
Lissa Dobson, MUGZ4U, Coventry


“I’m very happy with the service. Queries are handled very quickly and efficiently. The calls have stopped. Very happy.”
Anthony Kent, Kent Carpentry Services, Maidstone


“The number of phone calls have stopped and they’ve dropped to once a month from about 30 daily. So far, I’m very happy with the service.”
Anthony Hartley, Dynamic Constructions, Blackburn


“You’re the best thing since sliced bread, you’ve done a great job and have saved me thousands!”
Mike Noble, Noble Timber Buildings, Forres


“It’s been very helpful and it’s cleared up all of my problems, so I’m very pleased.”
David Evison, D.M.S Groundworks and Plant Hire Ltd, Cefn-y-bedd


“We are very pleased with the service so far. In fact we are more than pleased. We have only had one call since joining the scheme and they were dealt with straight away. It’s great!”
June Marshall, Barnsley Beacon Support Services, Barnsley


“I am more than happy with the service that has been provided to me. Ten calls per day have now gone to 1 call per month! I would recommend to anybody who has encountered the problems I have to become a client of TAPA immediately!”
Steven Harrison, Harrison Plumbing & Heating, Newtownards


“It’s worked well for me so other people should try it!”
Sharon Wilson, High Street Barbers, Sandbach


“It does work, just be patient. Just do what they say and work with them and it disappears.”
Michael Gill, Sugar & Spice, Wrexham


“We’ve had no trouble as such. It’s been brilliant! – No calls! To be perfectly honest, I’ve no doubts about the service, your instructions and help have stopped the problem. You can quote me as satisfied.”
Thomas Williams, T.A.G Williams, Pentre Maelor


“I was slightly doubtful in the beginning, but since I’ve joined up I’ve had no problems at all apart from one person who called about eight weeks ago.”
Marian Howe, Havant Nursery, Havant


“It has worked perfectly, got rid of the calls and I’ve nothing else to add, you’ve done it.”
Paul Webster, Keswick Wholesalers Ltd, Keswick


“I’ve been very impressed and it gives me the confidence to deal with anything, but I don’t get calls anymore. I advise anybody with advertising problems to register, it’s brilliant!”
Peter Barnes, Barnes Book-Keeping Services Ltd, Ferry Hill


“I’m extremely grateful, it’s worked very well for what I pay, and the protection I get I won’t be stopping my instruction. I’m pleased you got in touch otherwise who knows what state I would be in now? Thank you! I recommend it to everybody!”
Peter Wise, Barry Gribble Locksmiths, Torquay


“Terrific service and a great destroyer of nuisance advertising companies!”
Colin Hill, Orchard Mead (UK) Ltd, Somerset


“Communication is very good with TAPA. In the short time I’ve been involved, the calls have been knocked down to next to nothing. I can’t really say anymore than that! It’s great!”
Tom McClymont, Feel The Heat Ltd, Wetherby