Terms of Service

The Client shall pay a monthly fee of £9.95+VAT to the Service Provider. This fee subsidises the cost of the Service Provider providing 24hr / 7 day service to the Client on an unlimited basis including any necessary legal fees and any other costs the Service Provider may incur as a result of providing service to the Client. The monthly fee also subsides all associated time, stationary and utility costs, postage and packaging of documentation and any other costs that may be incurred by the Service Provider to provide service. Service includes unlimited counselling and the processing, diarising and storage of any documents that the Client forwards to the Service Provider that he receives from Support Publishing Firms.

The monthly fee is calculated based on 12 monthly installments totaling the annual fee due of £119.40+VAT. The first monthly fee is due in advance on the Agreement Date followed by the same date as the Agreement Date each proceeding month (the “Rolling Date”). The Rolling Date may fluctuate depending on non-working days and public holidays in each calendar month. The Service Provider will debit the monthly fee from the bank account / credit / debit card that the Client submits to the Service Provider.

The Service Provider will continue to provide service to the client after the minimum Agreement period has expired and will continue to debit the monthly fee due by way of direct debit / credit / debit card until which time the Client provides written notice to the Service Provider that he wishes to terminate the Agreement in accordance with clause 30 in TAPA’s Contract of Services.